Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I don't play games, but I LOVE the bingo....

Since I can't do anything the easy way - I wanted to share my efforts with anyone who may find they - like me - can not leave well enough alone.

I recently hosted a Baby shower - and instead of using the free bingo templates online (I found impersonal), I created my own bingo cards that reflected the mother-to-be and the shower theme (Dots and Daisies, MTBs favorite things). Since it was the first baby shower of all my girlfriends, I wanted to go all out. It's just my nature. It turned out to be well worth it.  I can't even believe we're moving into this stage of adulthood... amazing (and scary)!

If you're interested, the How-To is listed below. 

How To: 
-Situate the page landscape - create two 5 column by 5 row tables a half page in size.
-In each table cell - put in whatever graphic you desire (I chose polka dots bc the MTB LOVES them). 
- Now you can use this as a background, printing a few pages off and then running an online bingo template onto the more personalized Bingo squares. Stop here for for bigger crowds.
- Use notebook page reinforcers (those little sticker dots with the hole in the middle) or markers to make bingo dots to keep down on paper clean-up. 

.. or if you dare you can continue to my convoluted concoction of a bingo card....

- Create identical tables on another document for a blank template (sans graphics) to make your own bingo items. 
- Center the fonts for each cell and type away - putting something from the mother-to-be's registry in each cell.  Remember to leave a free space in the middle. (Note - now you must rotate the items across cells, otherwise everyone will get bingo at the same time. NO FUN!)

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