Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A....... C...... Phleeehm....

We are off to see Jeff Dunham tonight with some good friends of ours. You know, the ventrilaquist/comedian. I am pumped! I have only seen portion of Jeff's "Achmed" skit on you-tube... and intentionally haven't sought out more because I want all the jokes to be fresh and new to me. It is a new set, but most comedians throw in a few of the old jokes to connect with the crowd - so it's really exciting that I don't know what to expect. (We saw Ron White when he was in town and it was good - but I had built him up in my head with high expectations from Blue Collar Comedy).

More than the actual show - I am excited to have a datenight with Hubs... and to see our friends. It is so hard to get together with people since we don't live "in town." The times when we get do to catch up are really nice!

Happy Hump Day!

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