Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frugal Fabulous

Here it is. The almost finished quilt for the nursery. This was the best idea - I REALLY enjoyed putting this together and am proud that my first baby (and babies to come) will share something that I handmade especially for them. And I was able to accomplish this pretty frugally. Get this - I got the quilt kit from Joann's with a 40% off coupon (Total: 18.00) and the cushie-baby-backing fabric 50% off of 2 yds (Total: 12.45) - so the whole quilt only cost me $30.45! And I have quarters left over to start the bumper (which I will put up a tutorial about if it works)! I did pick up one more kit on sale for 19.99 and will be able to complete the bumper and maybe a few crafts from it.

This may sound like a lot to you serial-quilters (whom I admire) but I am PUMPED bc I don't have a stash of quarters to pull from. All in all, I highly recommend this starter quilt for those who want to give quilting a try. Anywho- with out further ado...

Only downfall so far - my Joann's didn't have any of the fabrics for purchase by-the-yard (and I can't find any one else that sells it). The customer service couldn't find any close to me - but I could possibly get some ordered. I wanted to embellish some basic curtains and recover a great hand-me-down glider. I am on a mission - but have a back u plan too.

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theclaxtonfamily said...

Lauren it looks GREAT!!! This will really be a special addition to the babies room. We have also learned something...while knitting is BAD for you during pregnancy, quilting is GOOD!!!! Maybe we should have a quilting circle at lunch! :-)