Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Understanding Blessings

Hubs and I have always thought that we are considerably blessed, trying to never take any of it for granted. Yet, this weekend when Hub's paternal grandmother passed away - we were overwhelmed as we considered how truly amazing God has been to us. Hubs got to spend an unforgettable 29 years getting to know his granny, and I was lovingly welcomed into her family almost 6 years ago (3 dating and 3 married). She was able to share her 83 years of wisdom with him - her strong will, domestic talents, and unwavering love for God and family. Moving through the sorrow of losing Granny, we we were comforted in the idea that not every one gets this type of experience, not every one will learn from years passed, and not every one experiences God's love on Earth through another as we have.

And Granny was particularly excited about Peanut's arrival. In fact, she was steadfast in calling baby a boy answering the phone for the last 9 months simply asking "How's my boy doing?" and she didn't mean Hubs. So, in light of our 4 weeks to go mark.... here is some art for the room. Each silhouette has a different letter assigned to it. Spelling our last name (since we suck at picking out first names).

I don't know if Granny is right, but we will find out sooner than we think! Happy Wednesday. Now go count your Blessings.

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Dana said...

Beautiful entry. And Granny knows for sure what we all will be guessing for the next 3-4 weeks.

You, Walter and Peanut are always in my prayers.