Thursday, August 6, 2009

While I wait....

My sweet pup is spending a few days at the vet getting her other knee repaired this week. It is lonely around the house. (I can't imagine what empty nesters feel like). The vet service has been GREAT this time. The doc definitely remembered me from our little encounter in November.... but I think the practice has gotten its act back together because everything is running more smoothly this time. Hallelujah (more for them than me, bc pregnancy Lauren was ready to take no crap off of them and they didn't want that fo' sho').

Anyway - while I wait on my pup to return tomorrow morning I got a little package I had been anticipating. Introducing - my newborn cloth diapering stash!

(20 diapers total)
4 SposoEasies
4 Infant Fitteds
2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
1 dozen prefolds (orange edge)
1 Pail Liner

All via Green Mountain Diaper Company. Very pleased with the quick service. Mostly I was impressed with all of the photos and info on their website. Can't wait to wash and put away to prepare for baby Dumas' arrival in T-minus 10 days!

(I may start a coth diaper day on the blog - or a whole new blog all together. There is alot of useful info on the web, but nothing that's just a play-by-play of learning/deciding on cloth diapering. We will see. I'll let you know).

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christy said...

lovin' the cloth diaper day idea