Friday, September 25, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday (bleated/late night edition)

Having a child really puts you behind on blog posts... or so I've heard :)

Cloth Diapers Lesson #5: Learning what works for us

Sadly - our first cloth diapering adventure has come to an end. But I am not done cloth diapering. I was really starting to get the hang of it - a rhythm down. Not that anyone will ever enjoy diapering.. but I am starting to prefer the cloth over the disposable (which I was extremely skeptical about the first few weeks).

Alas - Baby Girl has gotten too big for the newborn stash. That's right. After the being too big, they are now too small. I was able to buy a GroBaby and a BumGenius3.0 from a local shop (hallelujah). I have tried both and am deciding which stash to stock up on... but more on that later.

What I do have a personal opinion about is the newborn diaper experience. This is just personal - but for our lifestyle this is how the diapers ranked
1st place - All-In-One Sposoeasy
2nd Place - prefolds with Bummis Super Whisper wrap cover
3rd place - Green Mountain Diaper Fitteds with cover

The Sposoeasies were the easiest to change and get back to business. Caused less stress for her and mom/dad. The all-in-one design behaves just like a disposable - so no guess work on folds and stuffing. Glorious. The design was relatively quick drying as well. Wonderful.

Prefolds worked really well. There is some folding involved but the GMD website is really helpful and after the first few changes there really was nothing to it. However, with my wiggle worm and the drama involved in being naked the first few weeks - the speed I lacked when getting the diaper changed was somewhat of a drawback. Nonetheless - a great, cheap option that should not be underestimated.

The fitted were nice. But I found they didn't fit in the Bummis cover that well. I really felt like I was putting two diapers on her sometimes.... the bulk really was more cumbersome with this option. Now, a mommy-friend absolutely adores her Kissaluvs fitteds, so there are some people that prefer this... I just found it to be my personal least favorite. That's just me, and my experience.

Since the All-in-Ones were most preferable... I am working with the grobaby and bumgenius. Right now I really like the grobaby. We'll see. Hopefully and update on those in the near future.

Happy Weekend.

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