Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So we get this phone call...

Friend: "Dude, I just pulled up to your house and there's a firetruck in the yard..."
Hubs: "WHAT!? What's going on..."
Friend: "I don't know let me call you back as soon as I find out... "
Hubs: "Okay, call me right back, I'll head that way"

Instead, Hubs receives pic in his e-mail. This is definitely our house. With a fire truck in the yard.


Hubs calls back. Now he hears the sirens.

Hubs: "Dude, what is going on?? Should I come home? Is everything ok?" (I know this sounds strange, but we have bonfires in the field every once and again, so there is a chance its not the house, just to clarify).
Friend: "Dude, I don't know. There are sirens and firefighters. I am trying to get someone to answer me, but I'm not the homeowner."
Hubs: "Put them on the phone, I'll talk to them..."
Friend: "I'm just kidding dude, I'm driving the fire truck around for a friend... a mechanic, making sure he fixed everything. It's like, the coolest thing ever..."

Only our friends get to drive around fire trucks for no apparent reason. Such is our random life.


theclaxtonfamily said...

Lauren this is the best thing I have ever read!! You have made my day! :-)

christy said...