Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time Sensitive Information...

A short return to Cloth Diaper Thursday

Wanna try cloth diapering? Need to fluff up your stash?

Diapering Junction is giving away $300 cash to get you going.

Fo' REALS people. $300.... in diapers.

You have till midnight to enter!

One Happy Cloth Diapered chunky - chunk coming right up....

We have been slacking on the cloth diapering front since I returned to work. But something has a fire lit under me... we are going to get going again. At least at home.
We tried prefolds with covers, gDiapers with prefolds, Sposoeasies, Gro Baby, and BumGenius.

I thought I was loving the Sposoeasies, but my baby's thighs are just too chunky (gotta love it!). So I'd really like to switch to the Gro Baby. If I can sell my current stash that will be what I recycle my money into. (Any body wanna buy 12 sposoeasy All-in-ones, size medium -- Holla!)

Good Luck!

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Laura Rowe said...

I don't need diapers yet but I am officially following your blog now :) I love this new world I've stumbled upon! How exciting to watch you and Jessica with your little girls- she is beautiful!