Friday, February 26, 2010

I need your opinion...

If you read this blog you are now obligated to comment on this post. Seriously.

I must know if I have absolutely overcommitted myself lost my mind.

With that said...

Hubs has this great old truck that he wants to restore. Actually it will be a resto-mod, which I've learned means that it will be an old vehicle with some modern amenties (power steering and such).

On Saturday and Sunday mornings the living room is his man cave. And for the entirety of our glorious married life - I've watched 4 hours of car television on Speed and Spike every weekend. Quality time I tell you. And much of these 4 hours is spent wondering what in the sam hill they're talking about - while hubs drools and tunes me out.

So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?


I told Hubs I want to help him. Out in the man cave. On the truck (gasp). And with that deer-in-the-headlights-running-towards-a-motorcycle-stare he lovingly repled "Do what?!"

So I explained that I don't know a lot about cars and think this would be a good opportunity to learn. We work great on the house together, why not the truck? It may take him infinitely longer to work through the restoration, but it would give me some background when things go wrong on other vehicles we own. Ya know, so I'm not at the mercy of da man.

Seriously - I can't even change the oil and not totally sure I could change a tire... and have to make funny noises when I try to explain what my car is doing. We've all been there. But I don't want to be, I want to have a little more know-how outside of my craft blog obsession.

But in true blogger fashion - Hubs and I may start a blog to chronicle this endeavor. Would you expect any less? It will be us.. well me... learning about cars, and fixing things, and basic car principles. Out in the man cave. In the grease and glory of it all.

And it will show our progress. My learning curves. Our decisions. Explain some car things that are foreign to any person that doesn't do anything but drive. Give links to where we found answers to our road blocks (no pun intended). Maybe give some tutorials.
I think we'll call it Mother Trucker. Or Grease and Glory. Or Beauty and the Grease.... I digress...

This is where you come in.

Am I over-committing myself (ya know, what a baby and all and my own craft obsession)? Is it completely crazy for me to try and learn about cars through a complete overhaul? Would you read it?

Let me know. You must comment - blogger or not. It's easy, just click "comment". Duh.
(Oh yeah - the truck is pictured over there in my 365 log).


Gayla said...

I think if anyone can do it all you would be the one. it exhausts me thinking about it but then again ppl look at my life and ask how i do it. I would love to learn about my husband's hobby (all things computers and digital electronics) but he hasn't figured out how to put the information into layman's term enough for me to understand. but i do listen, smile and nod while he rambles on. Go for it, you may surprise yourself and know more or pick it up faster than you thought you would.

theclaxtonfamily said...

WOW! I am in awe of your time to do all of your crafts, keep house and look after new baby! If you want to tackle this new challenge I say GO FOR IT!! I can't wait to hear all the stories in the office! :-)

Hubby said...

I think it is a FABULOUS idea... I mean what could be better than spending time with my wife, working on cars (trucks in this case), and watching my little angel play in the Man Cave!!! It sounds like a little piece of Heaven to me.

Kim said...

Go For It! I have struggled for the last 19 years with the progression in Tom and I's relationship. At first, I had the better tools. Now I am banished from all parts of the Man Cave. Not to say I wouldn't like to play with the "ice chippy thingys" or that "wood whirling contraption" but really WHEN?!? Do it NOW before girls scouts, and dance, and homework re consume your life!

LBR said...

EEEK I'll happily read about you taking this on because I know I won't ever be doing it myself!! I think life will only be getting busier from here on out so it's now or never! Good luck!