Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Bee or Not to Bee...

Because my brain isn't already in a hundred different places (as observed through my lack of updates),

I decided to join a virtual quilting bee. In fact I joined the Twice as Nice quilting Bee so we will make two blocks per month which in turn gives us a bigger quilt than a one-block-per-month bee does.

I am actually really excited about it. It is going to push my creativity and my ability and I think that is a healthy progression.

It's also going to make me step up my fabric game. Basically translating into my winning arguement to Hubs on why I need to by expensive nicer fabrics for my projects. Ya know, so I don't look like country-come-to-town. My month is October so I have some time to decide what I want. And I will post the monthly squares here for you to see and critique.
In terms of other quilting projects, I have one I need to get cracking on. Our neighbors, on the 165 acres next to us, lost their son last year in a tragic motorcycle accident. I offered to make them a quilt from his clothes if they were comfortable with that idea. And last week they decided to take me up on the offer. So I have a bag of black jeans, white shirts, and rock band paraphernalia to sift through. Deciding how to divide and cut it all to make a quilt is going to be a challenge in itself. I desperately pray that it comes out well. For them. And their memories.
Stay tuned... I PROMISE another update before the month is over.

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