Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game time

Corn Hole is quite the phenomenon around these parts. So when it came time to throw one of my BFFs a co-ed tailgate shower, what better gift for the newlyweds than their own corn hole set?

There isn't one, I know. So here is what I came up with. Unfortunately, they will be a house divided so each got their own special board. One UGA for the bride and one UT for the groom.

Yes, I painted them. But before you go getting all impressed here's a little secret. I used a projector and projected the image onto the boards so I trace the logos and paint-by-number basically. It was a great project and a HUGE hit at the tailgating shower.

Now, if only cornhole could cause you to drop the 20lbs of baby weight before you have to be in a bridesmaids dress that would be a lot more helpful than the side effects of the beer consumed while playing cornhole.

On that note,

Dear personal trainer,
See you Thursday.

Love (Hate),

1 comment:

katy0328 said...

I feel so blessed to have you in my life!!! We are OBSESSED with the Cornhole set and show everyone who comes to our house :-) As for the gym...if you need any motivation call me as I struggle with my "self" trainer...aka. INSANITY daily. XOXO