Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good Humor....

{This first photo-blog is more of a reflection I guess. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later but at least this gets me writing.... about photo that interest me or fueled a train of thought. }

Ever felt like you met someone a little too late in life? A dear friend of my husband's family passed away last night and suddenly I found myself hung up on wanting to know more about him. What made him who he was? What did people love about him most? How would my loved ones remember their beloved friend? After asking several people about "Uncle Red" it became apparent that what I missed in his death illuminated a lesson in life that I think everyone took from him.

For Red, living was not about the formalities, legalities, and planning but more about the moment and the laughter and the present. "Wide open, good humored, and hilarious." Rejoicing in the moments and not getting bogged down in expectations. Creating your own experience. My husbands example of Red's take on life was this:

Every year we camped together with Red and his family. We set up the campers for months at a time and when it was time to go, Red NEVER packed the camper neatly. In fact, he stood at the door to the camper and started throwing things in and that was it. Once it was all in, it stayed that way until the next summer. That was just how Red was - wide open and funny... amazingly funny.

With reckless abandon. In that conversation I realized what Red had to pass along. Living is about the experience - the life of the moment - and not being bogged down by the mundane. Things take care of themselves, yet it is up to us to be present in the moments that shape us. Amazing. What would happen if daily life were lived with a little more reckless abandon? In the preparation and planning is something being forgotten or lost? What are we missing in the everyday that could be extraordinary? Red will be sorely missed - but maybe in the missing we will be reminded daily to appreciate good humor and live beyond our perceived boundaries. "My Chains are gone, I've been set free... my God, My Savior has ransomed me!"

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bowerli1 said...

That was a nice article about Red. I know everyone that reads it and knew him will agree.