Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the interest of time...

Maybe clocks are evil. This clock in particular sits in Grand Central. A photo from my first trip there. Beautiful, yes. But it sits there all high-and-mighty, overlooking everyone. I can't help but feel like it's some sort of crazy dictatorship: "Do this now," "Go here then," "Finish this by x'o'clock or you fail." Now, I am aware this sounds like conspiracy theory propaganda - and it is in no way meant to come off quite that obscure - but SERIOUSLY, think about it! I mean - there are plenty of cultures, peoples, countries that operate on their own circadian schedule that serves them absolutely fine. They get things done, they eat, they sleep, they survive. Life happens.
But for must of us - the clock symbolizes a "daily grind" ticking towards whatever arbitrary timeline we've come up with - project deadlines, office hours, starting a family, career milestones/changes/decision, retirement age.
Time. We have it. We spend it. That stupid clock steals it. Then again, it could just be me - overanalyzing and venting the frustration of being a grown-up and all the time-sucks that come along with it. Why can't life and my ideas of success and prosperity happen on my own time? There's gotta be a balance and I'm going to find it.
Like I said.... evil. Think about it. Down with Clocks!

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