Monday, May 12, 2008

Annie, get your gun....

You would think that after having grown up with hunters and marrying into a family of hunters that this little lady would have shot a gun by now. But I hadn't until yesterday (well, besides the pistol we keep in the bedroom in case of intrusion - fair warning).

So after a marvelous mother's day full of party-planning goodness (good next-post title), several family members and friends loaded me in the car and up the road we went to the sporting clays park. After checking in at the lodge, one of the owners lent me her light-er weight gun and off to the five-stand we went. Yeah I know - I am even learning the lingo. This "I'll try anything once" may just turn into something little more.

Now, if you had told me 6 years ago that I would be out at a sporting clays range I would have politely LAUGHED IN YOUR FACE. Not this girl. The girl who was so certain that changing the world meant wearing a business suit networking with corporate cohorts. You know, show the men what your made of. Anything they can do I can do better.

But I'm learning that I'm not meant to change the world that way. I haven't figured out what it is yet - but something is waiting for me (as I patiently wait and seek it). So, while I wait why not shoot. I shot 1 round (25 loads/bullets) and hit 2 clays. 2 CLAYS - my first time ever shooting a gun! If that's not changing my world I don't know what is. And so yesterday, I broke my gracious hosting, party-planning, entertaining diva mold to earn the respect of the men I respect most.... and rejoiced in the idea of this whole unexpected reality that is my life. Who knows, maybe I can do this better instead...

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