Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Real One...

Oh, cheesy neon green light that illuminates the threshold to burrito heaven. How I look forward to seeing thee. (Or maybe I'm just waiting on lunch time to roll around). I took this picture on an outing to my favorite hometown mexican restaraunt. It seemed only fitting that this image be included in a photojournal because, seriously, we eat at El Real (the real one) at least 2-3 times per week. Seriously. Yeah, we are either extremely predicatable or have some new chemical addiction that could probably be diagnosed. We can't even ween ourselves off - we've tried and failed miserably. We just end up overcompensating for lost ground-beef -cheesy-refried-bean-and-rice time.

Sadly, a friend burst my little south Georgia Mexican bubble the other day. She relocated to south Ga from Texas,you know, "borders-Mexico-on-one-complete-side Texas." Apparently I am eating a watered down, consumer friendly version of what Mexican people actually eat. In fact, she won't even eat at Mexican restaurants here because just ends up unsatisfied.

Disappoinment/curiosity. Maybe ol' Hubs and I should take a little trip. It would only be fitting considering our obsession. It is a mission now... I must have "The Real One".....

Any suggestions on which city to visit for a our little pilgrimage?

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