Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yeah that's him. In the middle. My "little" brother headed to Senior Prom. For weeks leading up to this - lil' bro had a very specific idea of what he wanted to wear to prom... and he definately pulled it off. We e-bayed for those glasses until I was at my wit's end and he and dad made the cane. And what was born was Crisp and Sharp, with touches of a personality that are only Jasen. It's a little Usher and Kanye, a dash of John Travolta (yes, lil' bro can dance), and a lot of originality. Who says prom is for girls? He didn't even take a formal date.... but that was how he wanted it. Nothing to tie him down and dampen his spirits (because from what I can tell, the girls took Prom WAY too seriously - I was there once ).
I admire lil' bro for that... the originality thing. I wasn't there when I was his age... pretty by-the-book/ organizer-of-prom kinda gal. Some things have changed and some have not. All for the better. And we continuously learn from each other - me and my siblings. The best part has been watching each other grow into our own person with our original personalities. Jasen has a lot ahead - but one day his kids (my nieces/nephews) will probably pull this picture out and make fun of it. And he won't care a bit.... I can hear him now... "Y'all don't know cool.... I was cool."

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