Monday, June 2, 2008

In the eyes of a child...

I couldn't resist taking this photo. We recently went to a great little wedding in the country. Nothing fancy - but perfect nonetheless (I am a sucker for weddings and their individual style). Here, the Bride holds a lovely bouquet created especially for her by the bride's two young nieces (who served as bridesmaids). The two of them thought it would be a great addition to the bridal attire - I mean, who needs roses when you have a pine cone with purple flowers?! Not I.

AuntBride used it for the rehearsal when the purple flowers and pine cone were alive in all their make-believe-playground-wedding glory. Unfortunately, by the time the wedding rolled around the purple flowers (read:weeds) had turned into green, stringy mush. And even though AuntBride could not carry it down the isle as intended, the sincerity with which is was made and the thought that went into it was simply PRECIOUS. But, you just have to smile and chuckle at the thought of seeing AuntBride walk toward her groom carrying the wilted masterpiece. Here's what I think of our love - childlike, prickly, and wilty. Priceless.

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