Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nature walk...

So, this little bed of flowering weeds was running along a fence in the back of our property. I AM OBSESSED! It looks like a big pillow. Don'tcha just wanna run through it and let the summery goodness swarm you! Glorious! (minus whatever sneezy fit may come of your revelry).

This has to be my favorite part of living out in the (ever-shrinking) country. Every time I walk our property I find something new. As the seasons cycle, the nature walk changes and it's amazing to watch things grow - then go dormant - then flourish. Maybe I should take up hiking if I am enjoying this so much.... It's God's little surprises, reminding me of all the beauty and mystery and love that is Him. How can that not stop you in your tracks... During these little nature walk discoveries - He reveals himself in the most unexpected ways.

Happy Trails to You!

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