Sunday, July 6, 2008

Come Again Another Day....

When's the last time you played in the rain? Maybe since you were a kid. Maybe, if you're me, it was more like last week. What started as a trip to the mailbox became and Ode to Joy as the warm raindrops drenched me - from head to toe - just like when I was a youngin'.

As you can tell, it kinda turned into Mudfest 2008. But, who cares? Not I.
I recruited a neighbor friend to join me in the downpour (after several attempts to get my sister to drive over and getting told I was CRAZY). We ended up "whopping" for quite some time {whopping (wop-ping): verb. from the southern root word - Whop; using a piece of plywood to surf, or skid board, down the length of a ditch} There were wipe-outs, successes, and a lot of laughter. The Hubby even joined us when he rode up drenched from a rainy motorcycle commute. Why Not? I mean really, it was so much fun I don't know why we don't enjoy those kinds of moments more often.

There's something comforting about a southern summer rain. It's warm and inviting - not like the harsh winter storms. It replenishes the earth and it can awaken you if you just let it. I dare you - next time it rains. Give in and PLAY.

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