Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Voulez-vouz aller avec mois?

UNBELIEVABLE. We finally booked what is being affectionately referred to a s "Eurotrip 2008." The Hub and I are so excited... and broke. But that's what being DINKS is all about, right? RIght!?   (D.ouble  I.ncome N.o K.idS)

We leave in 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to update this blog as we go so that the fam and friends can keep up with our travels. That would be ideal, but we'll see how much we actually get on the internet while we're gone. It's all about the experience, with each other. It will be good to be removed from American Culture for a week or so. 

Want to come with me? (Translated Entry Title). We plan on being in France and Italy during Eurotrip '08. I'm all about the "off-the-beaten-path-go-where-the-locals-go" tourism so shoot me and e-mail if you have any suggestions from your trips oversees.  

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