Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green Acres is the place to BE!

How pumped am I that I was introduced to PicNik? YOU CAN NOT EVEN IMAGINE! I played with the photo-enhancing website some today - and may be addicted. I love playing with fun software - and just in time for a wedding shoot this weekend!

By the way, BEHOLD our beloved tractor. My husband uses it while he's tillin' up the land... I'm even kinda crazy 'bout his farmer's tan. I guess you could say - I think his tractor's sexy....

And yes, I can photograph it AND drive it too... believe it or not! I am coming to understand that there is no such word as "old" in tractor-land. The first time I saw this thing I was sure it would be a money-suck. I stand corrected - a front tire and a few hours of tinkering and this bad boy was bush hoggin' the field! I love my handy man!

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