Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Glory, Glory...

"Longing for those Glory Days,
like the ones when he cried -
'Run, Lindsey - Run!'
I was too young to be there
But I'm sure it was fun... "
-Corey Smith
Like most University of Georgia fans - we can't remember a fall Saturday without the commanding yet warm, scruffed voice of football announcer - Larry Munson. For 46 years, he was the "Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs!"
If you want to read more about Munson's history with the Dawgs - check it out here. Well done, Larry. I'm sure we'll mourn a little on this coincidentally timed "Blackout Saturday" at Sanford stadium. But we'll still be able to hear that old voice tellin' us to Hunker Down.
*photo courtesy Georgia Sports Communication.

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Anonymous said...

Its the end of an era!