Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Save the Ta-Tas

A member of my family lost her hair during Breast Cancer treatments last week. She went ahead and had it all shaved off to ease the process for her. So the girls in my family decided we'd get some pink in our locks to show our support. There are several other family members who have faced breast cancer, it's the least I could do.... It's just hair right!?

I never thought my hair was that big of a deal... until today. As my locks went from black to bleach to pink I could barely hold myself together. It was drastic. It was change. How could someone sit in that chair and have to say goodbye to ALL of their hair? Because of an illness.

I know there are people that deal with a different, life changing hardships everyday. LIFE CHANGING. All I did was change my hair color. What a wake-up call. Puts things in perspective real fast. Does this make my endeavor a success? I don't know - but it makes me thankful, and it makes me pray, and it makes me hope that my hair shows the support I intended.

Save-the-Ta-Tas.... or whatever cause speaks to your HEART.

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you've been boo'd. stop by and see what it's all about