Friday, November 14, 2008

Grey Matter...

Did anyone else feel let down at the end of Grey's Anatomy last night?

Really. Much ado about NOTHING. I haven't read the writers blog yet this morning - and usually that makes me feel better about a lack-luster episode. But really. I have been a DEDICATED viewer from the premier episode. And this is getting so far from the pretense I fell in love with. (By-the-way... I'm still a little miffed they moved it to Thursday night - I really enjoyed getting all my TV watching out of the way on Sunday. I know its been a few years - just let me vent right now :)

Anywho -
Izzy is going crazy- poor Alex is all I can think. He just attracts them (even though I love their on-screen chemistry). Which he doesn't deserve now that he has turned over from the dark side. Christina gets her face eaten off by the new ER guy. In an ally. Super creepy vibes there. Not to mention the fact that I wish an intern would stand up to her - the new class is so passive it makes me angry. On the flip-side, I do like the approach Sargent ER takes to his medicine - the hospital egos definitely needed to be checked. And now we have this new character from Mer's pre-med school romp that no one even knew about until the first 5 minutes of the episode......

The story line is moving the hospital itself in a new direction. However, as far as the characters go - We are borderline far-fetched-soap-opera world here. I kinda see what their getting at - but honestly people. It's like they're grabbing at thin air sometimes.

I'll get past my rant now and go read the writer's (better-be-a-damn-good) explanation. Maybe next week will redeem this episode. What's your take on it?

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