Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby love...

So, what happens when your BF has a child?.... and she's the first little youngin' of all your college buds?

You're stinkin' obsessed with her! Not that I am ready for kids of my own - but I wanna Love on her SO BAD I can hardly stand it. But since I can't - I 'll let her know what I'm thinking...

Addie Kate,

When I met your mom- she busted into my dorm room like she'd known me for years. And wanted to borrow a top for going out that night. Normally, I would've been appalled and frightened at that forwardness. In fact I probably would've had a meltdown. But I didn't. Because there is something about your mom that makes everyone around her comfortable - even to the point where random boy lab partners cry about thier lost loves in her room. Yeah, it was awkward, but she handled it with grace, as she does in so many situations. I hope you inherit that from her.

Now, I can't imagine not knowing your precious mommie. Unknowingly, she helped me move past my inability to make girlfriends with her "save the drama" attitude. She saw through my stone-wall facade and showed me what true friendship looks like, feels like, and is able to endure. You would be blessed to inherit this too.

But most of all, I pray that you will have the amazing heart for God that your mother and father share. And their ability to share that Love with others around them. Yes, little one - you were born to two amazing people. And even though I can't believe it really happened - My Best Friend is really a parent... in real life - I couldn't be happier that you are now a part of the story.

So, at Christmas we are going to obsess over you, and pass you around, and kiss your little cheeks. And you'll get frustrated with us, just like the first time we embarass you in front of your friends, or grill you about a boyfriend, or make you smile for way too many prom pictures. But you're the first one - you kinda set yourself up to inherit that one :)


Lauren D

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