Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkey Day....

It's just around the corner! I love this holiday so much. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year, even if my local forecaster refuses give us more than 2 weeks of pleasant weather. Honestly, it's either blazing hot or seventy below. Oh how I love holidays in the south.

A few pics that inspire me....

*Martha Stewart Living via Apartment Therapy

*Social Couture


Even though I don't host any of the formal festivities - these make me want to take over my mom's house! The simplicity of each idea would be so easy to recreate. AND interoperable. I.E. white tableware can be used for pretty much anything. The wicker and white linens could easily be transported into a beach theme, and the glassware from image 3 could be filled with anything year-round.

This may call for a trip to Hobby Lobby.... thanks be to God! :)


Yeah - I am using a background from The Cutest Blog on the Block. Hopefully this will inspire me to get my act together and figure out a blogging identity. I kinda still feel like a misfit.

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Anonymous said...

i wish cbob worked for wordpress. i never have found "my identity."