Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, I've been doing all of these hand-made crafty things for Christmas and showers - but I can't share any of them becuase the potential gift recipients check my blog. I REALLY want to share some of my ideas with you - but I guess it will just have to wait til after the Holidays.

In other news, I really took alot of inspiration from Christy's blog this week. There alot of things about Christmas that are continually cast in front of the real reason for the season. I got the chance to see a great interview with Rick Warren (Author: Purpose Driven Life) yesterday. It made me really want to read his new book, The Purpose of Christmas. I think it is a very timely release as this year seems to be overshadowed by the economic forecasters. Remember, Memories last longer than money - share this time with family and friends instead of in the commercial flury.

If I get a chance to read it I'll let you know if it is as refreshing as I am anticipating. :)

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Anonymous said...

keep us posted on the book and let meknow if you have any ideas!