Thursday, December 11, 2008


My family has holiday traditions of the typical sort... you know... the few days surrounding Christmas there are several events that take place, like family gift swaps, attending Christmas eve service, and eating a big hearty meal together (x2 now that I'm married :) I love every minute of them and the memories that each tradition brings.

It is neat to hear what traditions other families observe during this time of year. Catherine posted what she is doing with her precious twin girls during this holiday season. I absolutely LOVE this idea - and will probably steal it when I have little ones of my own (in several light years).
"Each night after dinner, we will read a scripture verse from the bible and then light a small candle. Then we will look inside the calendar pocket to see what activity our family will do for that night. I have come up with 14 different activities. Some are as simple as singing a Christmas carol while sitting in front of the fireplace or dancing like crazy in our living room. Other examples include watching a Christmas movie together, making candy for our neighbors, and seeing snow fall for the first time (more on that later!). Each night, we will light one more candle until we come to Christmas. On that night, all 14 candles will be lit, including the larger one in the middle for Jesus' 1st birthday. "
What are the traditions you cherish? Or, what traditions have you started? I'd LOVE to hear them...

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