Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yesterday, as I did my daily scouring through interesting articles on the internet, my reading turned to the benefits of "going green." Original - I know. Overdone, sure. But, I came across this website. I had seen it before, but thought it might be a good thing to share here. Maybe someone will find it useful!

Skin Deep is a website dedicated to ranking skin care based on the harmful chemicals used in a product. They do not endorse any one skin care, but serve more as an educational database. It also lets you see if the company has signed the "Safe Cosmetics" act.

Unfortunately, it will put the fear of GOD in you - I did have a little freak out when I looked-up some of my make-up. ( I ADORE what I use right now, it will be hard for me to give it up... at least I'll use it til it runs out - that's environmentally responsible in itself - right? No unneccessary waste? good.)

Anywho - it always is nice to feel like an informed consumer. Take it for what its worth...


Anonymous said...

cosmetics are scary. i still use them, though. let us know what you decide to use. the paraben thing is really awful.

theclaxtonfamily said...

Hey! How was Christmas?!? Was Santa good to ya'll? Catch us up?He was very good to us all here. The House looks as if a toy factory exploded! :-)