Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gosh. I really stink at updating. Hubs and I have been putting in new, energy-efficient windows in our ol' house. Sad part is, we put up some plastic over the old window before replacing it because it was so cold outside that the huge, gaping hole would have been an issue. Before we ever pulled out the first hammer, there was already a bubble of air behind the plastic. How much money were we throwing out the window?? No idea - but hopefully the electric bill will reflect our... i mean his + paw-in-laws'... hard work!

Now for the next delimma. We have golden stained heart-pine floors on the bottom level of our house. However, the stairs are carpeted. Which we abhor because 1. they are nasty and 2. they are very unsafe. (For all you home-improvers, berber carpet is NOT plyable and does not roll over steps nicely. We inherited this problem.) So, naturally, we want to make the stairs hard wood as well.
Problem is - matching the beautiful stain on our existing floors is a bit of an issue. So - is it ok to put two different stains so close to each other? If we can't match it exactly we may just match it to the flooring we plan to put in upstairs... but the two stains will collide at the bottom of the stairwell! AHH! What's a girl to do!? Help!


Sweet Tee said...

Definitely need to decide what the plan is for upstairs! The steps make a great transistion and I know that you love chocolate. Why not go for the contrast on the steps with a deep walnut that will complement the lighter pine. Of course if you go with a cherry then you are really pushing it!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could help.