Monday, February 9, 2009

I love Jesus, but I drink a little...

Ok... if you haven't already you-tubed it you are missing out. Ellen was brought near tears of laughter during a call with Gladys. It's worth the google search.

Turns out Gladys has a bit of a following... and her own website. High tech for this straight-talking psuedo-celeb. Check her out here. (I'll admit, it kinda makes me sad that the bit wasn't neccessarily happenstance... you know, it's Gladys M.O..... still a good laugh no matter how you look at it!)

Old people are so refreshing. They have a lot to share - and a not so politically correct way of doing it. There is much to be said for that (even if they do know what they are doing and just play the "old" card for the fun of it ).

Happy Monday!

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