Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing says I love you like...

a dead animal head. Regardless of how much money I spend on chew toys to occupy the healing pup- she decides she'd rather be resourceful and find something on her own. I guess it's like buying a child a really cool toy and they'd rather play with the super-awesome box instead. Now, I appreciate her frugality as much as the next person, but HONESTLY. It's an unidentified dead animal skull! Seriously Allie.

And I have no idea where on our property (6 acres) she found it. I don't plan on going to find out either. I'll let hubs play sleuth on this one. More importantly, it looks like when it was alive it had a fierce bite - a force for Allie to reckon with. Scary! For now, it will sit on top of the trash can where pup can't reach it - but it's kinda creeping me out - I can see it from my desk.

Thanks for the gesture sweet Allie, it really is.... something... special?

(P.S. If you can tell in the pic our home remodel continues. Hopefully I will be blogging before and afters very soon!)

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