Friday, February 13, 2009

Scattered, Covered, and Smothered in Love

Waffle House is hosting a candle light dinner at 32 of their Southeastern restaurants. The list can be found here. Hubs and I Love... LOVE a good Waffle House breakfast. Any time of Day. Hey, you can take the kids outta college... but there are some things about college that linger.
In fact, Hubs has a dream of retiring and working shifts at the Waffle house - or owning one. Last time he did a college recruitment for his company, he got stationed next to the Waffle House booth and was so excited he couldn't wait to call me. It's love I tell you...
It may sound like a funny idea to some, but Hubs and I really enjoy our cozy booth conversation. We will probably end up there for breakfast since there isn't WH in our area hosting the event. And I'd rather this than a fancy meal out - because it is "us" - at our most comfortable, and a special Love that we share together.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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Jessica said...

I could be all about a double date with you and Walter at Waffle House!!!