Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I'm not - but hubs definitely is! Since our house is a "fixer-uper" in the truest sense of the the term there is much to be done to prepare for the arrival of our first child.

So hubs has set out on a mission - get the nursery complete. And for us, this doesn't just mean a coast of paint. It means: tearing down old molding, installing primed panelling (bc I refuse to take on a sheet rock project right now), installing new molding, putting up new doors (ones that aren't bifold and luvered), priming and painting everything.... then doing it all over again in the adjacent room so we can move furniture around and make our home make sense again.

It is a labor of love to be sure. I am helping as much as possible ( I am hell on a chop saw). And I finally settled on some fabric for the room. I am making the bedding - being frugal where we can since most nursery make-overs don't include our massive overhaul. I am really excited about the neutral, mod fabrics. Yes, I said nuetral - baby gender is going to be a suprise!

Once we paint this week I will put up pics bc you wouldn't beileve the wallpaper we inherited. Happy Monday to all!

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