Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hubs the Hero (and the mutt that almost didn't live)

Sounds like a good title for a story, right? Until it happens to you...

Saturday morning I am getting ready for a baby shower. Of course, I waited til the last minute to get my home-made burp cloths and fancy-fied travel wipe holder together. After a short fight with the glue gun and a razor knife (yes, I have battle scars), it was on to the burp cloths. Which require sewing. Luckily, my handy dandy sewing/embroidery machine is already set up on the kitchen table from other projects. Turn that bad boy on and get ready to put the pedal to the metal. UNTIL....

My foot goes down to find nothing. I search blindly for a minute, playing footsie with all the other chairs and a lazy mutt- BUT NO FOOT PEDAL. Weird. So I look down - nothing in sight. Look on the machine - the foot pedal cord is still perfectly attached to the machine. Uh. Oh.

I am already suspicious at this point, as Allie lay under the table acting all coy. So I climb under there with her.... only to find... the foot pedal... UNATTACHED to its cord, slighty chewed, and laying in a pile of plastic and copper wire. I have an hour to get this gift together and get to the shower. AN HOUR! ALLLLIIIIIIEEEEEE. I am going to KILL you!

After a beating with the pedal (not enough to hurt: no animals were truly harmed in the making of this story - in my southern world a beating is just enough to scare, but not nearly enough to actually hurt... it's more about the element of surpise - anywho, I digress), a stern talking to, and banishment to her kennel - I picked up the pieces... AND FREAKED. My other sewing machine is on the fritz. But it will have to do bc I got nothing. And it did the job fine - after 15 minutes of tinkering and a minor panic attack. It did sound like I was running a factory of sewing machines as the thing lurched back to life.... Honestly, it scared me a little. I was 5 minutes late, but had gifts in hand.

So, what does any stressed out wife/dog owner/shower attendee do on her way to the shower? Call hubs and declare " You won't BELIEVE what YOUR dog did!"

But, this is the good part. After the shower, I went to retail therapy (naturally). By the time I got home hubs had taken apart the entire foot pedal, figured out how it worked, rewired it, and put it back together. MY HERO! Gah, I love that man. I knew this whole Georgia Tech thing would come in handy some day. So what if the cord isn't the same length, it reaches the floor -which is all I am worried about. He saves the day once again.

And the mutt lives. She is still banished to her cave while we are away... but she lives.

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