Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have all of this crafty energy right now - and have gotten so inspired by a few things I figured it would be nice to share them. 3 things I currently LUUURVE are:

1. Quilts (via cluck.cluck.sew) - there is something so comfy and vintage/modern about these. I am done with my baby-bedding quilt - but grandmothers may be getting one so I can try my hand at something new!

2. Cottage/Country/Fresh decor. Mostly via Absolutely Beautiful Things. I was so sad when she signed off - but certainly PUMPED that she decided to return and share all of this goodness with the rest of us. It makes me want to go thrift shopping (not that I need an excuse). The crisp whites and pops of color always make me smile. Enjoy.

3. SPRING TIME! Minus the pollen. No pictures for this because you should go out and enjoy it. Hubs and I went on a great walk last night. Held hands and all that beautiful sappy spring love stuff. It was fabulous :) Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

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