Friday, March 27, 2009

The one where the razor attacked me...

This little shower gift was suggested to me by a friend. She had one and it was SUPER cute - and didn't look that hard to make. And it wasn't - once I figured out what I was doing. Note to self: take a picture of the prototype to go by while crafting. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out though (after the trials and errors). Behold, the fancy-fied wipey travel case for baby mamas.

I bought 1 fabric quarter ($0.99), some ric-rac ($1.99) and a wipey travel case ($2.99).
1. Cut the fabric quarter down to the relative size of the case. Do the same with some quilt batting (I already had on hand).
2. Place the batting on the case, laying the fabric on top. Starting at the clasp (but being careful to avoid both it and the edges) start gluing the fabric down, matching the edge of the fabric to edge of the case.
3. Glue all the way around. Clip the fabric to accommodate the hinge - gluing toward the hinge but never on the hinge. The fabric will hold itself in place back there.
4. Once you finish this, the batting should have made the case feel a little plush to the touch. Close the case to make sure you there isn't glue preventing it from functioning. (This is where I went wrong, thus pulling out the razor blade to scrape off my mistakes - and incurring some minor, but cumbersome, injuries).
5. Take your ric-rac (or border of your choice) and start gluing from the edge of the hinge, around the the front - laying it along the edge of the fabric to hide the not-so-pretty raw edge. Continue around the case until all is bordered and looking fabulous.

And Wah-lah. A travel baby case - that didn't cost alot, is super-cute, super-functional, and a great shower gift. Add a pack of wipes to start baby-mama off and you are done. It really will be an easy gift now that I know what I'm doing.... but we learn from our mistakes, right?

Happy Weekend!

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