Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What have I done?!

Remember when I went pink for Breast cancer month? Yeah? Well, since then I have had my hair un-dyed pink and was left with somewhat of an off blonde. So I had hubs dye it brown for me - but with the bleach it faded back to a blonde-brown. Then we found out I am pregnant - so no hair dying for a little while. Great.

So last night I decided the color had grown out enough that I didn't have to put the color all the way down to my roots... so I proceeded to dye my hair what I thought was a shade darker than I needed (to account for the lightening caused by the bleaching). Well, this morning...

I still have two-toned hair. It's just black and brown now - instead of looking a little highlighted.

I didn't save money because now I am DESPERATE for my hair dresser to fix it.

I NEVER dyed my hair before - so now I have all this mess going on up front and all-naturale in the back...

Great. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a call back from my stylist this morning. Pppplease have a spot for me this afternoon. I won't let it happen again.


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