Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the nick of time....

A last minute cruise deal for 4! Weekend Getaway here we come! Hubs and I are finally getting to go on a quick little vacation with the couple that had orignally planned to travel to France with last summer. A while back, the 4 of us decided we would hop out to Vegas for the weekend. Well, we waited to long - and the good Vegas deal became a horrible flight deal. So we decided to look for something else.

And a last minute cruise deal popped right up - for much cheaper than we would be spending to get out to Vegas. Now, I like to cruise, but I would rather go experience a place than stop in for a few hours. So this little trip down to the Bahamas is perfect becuase there isn't much I need to see at either port. Just a beach and a (vigrin) frozen drink.

Bon Voyage friends!

Oh! P.S. The hair ordeal is NOT OVER! Hair dresser lady backed-out the mess-up color. Which left me with the bleached blonde locks again. I promise, I saw it. Blonde. But then, when we put the new color on it reactivated the box color and Wah-Lah. Black hair again. But she gave me a cute cut and it blends a little better now. Maybe the sun will lighten it up. If not, she is going to try something different - if I can stand the 2 hour salon visit again. Again, what have I done?

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