Thursday, April 16, 2009

Claiming Territory

For the past week, Hubs and I have been dog sitting for his sister. Sam is an older hound dog. Sweet as can be, but very different from our mid-size mutt. He smells different, barks more (Allie doesn't at all), wines a lot, and still isn't quite house trained. But, he enjoys roaming our yard with us in the afternoons and is very mild mannered.

However, what we have noticed with Sam in the house is that Allie is more territorial than we thought. Great. First of all, she confiscated all of Sam's toys as soon I dropped them in the yard. In fact, she growls at him if he even looks at the bone (very unlike her at all). Second, if Sam waddles over to either of us for attention Allie cuts him off midway until we pet both at the same time. Third, Allie does not care to be around him really, doesn't want to lay near him or play with him. Odd.

It's just weird, because she doesn't mind my parent's dog or the neighbor dog at all. But both are female. Sam is the only boy dog she's ever shared space with. And I'm hoping I can contribute all of this to that simple fact. Because I'm really hoping she accepts baby Peanut as one of her own... you know, part of "Her People."

Only time will tell. Prayers for Allie getting her insecurities in check and loving this little one as much as we hope she will! Lawd, help us! Any suggestions on introducing dogs to babies are MUCH APPRECIATED!

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