Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How can one little Peanut cause so much trouble?

Well... not trouble, but good LORD! Hubs and I are getting ready to go register one weekend soon - but I keep putting it off.

(Oh, I dunno why... maybe becuase when I registered for my wedding 50% of the shower guests didn't bother to reference it and I got lots of stuff that other people wanted to buy and not what I had taken the time to pick out. I appreciate the gift, but was there thought? I dunno, ask the pink and purple towels that got sent back. )

Anywho... it seems different this time. Mothers know what to get, what has worked for them, and what they item they would pass on if given the chance. I appreciate those gifts - becuase I don't know what is marketing crap and what is a worthwhile purchase, yet. Being pregnant brings advice from all corners, and yeah, sometimes it's exhausting, but alot of times is a good "heads up." Especially for product purchases.

Enter - the online customer review. Gosh Dangit! I thought I had chosen my carseat/infant carrier until last night. And I read two bad reviews (out of hundreds of good ones). And now I think the two bad reviews will happen to me (even though they probably won't). Now it's stressing me. Carseatdata.org says that a particular car seat will be the best fit for my vehicle. But my kid could end up being the sweaty, chemical-smelly one that mother told me about in her customer review. UGH!

Ok, really.. I'll probably ignore that lady, but whatev.... still throws me for a loop. Peanut, how can you already make me overthink every little thing? (maybe becuase I am hoping to use this one big purchase for as many kids as possible, so yeah.. it's kind of a big decision. )
And Please don't be sweaty (in August, yeah right). And carseat manufacturer - take the chemicals out of that one lady's fabric so I can go on with my purchase. And hubs, thanks for being the voice of reason.

(New room pics to post soon! Paint done- check. Closet door hung - check. Deep clean - well, I'll get to it soon as the dust settles! Just gotta sew some curtains. And Wah-lah! Baby room is ready!)

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Anonymous said...

I know you didn't ask for any advice, but here goes: I don't know what kind of carseat you are considering, but do NOT buy a Baby Trend. Very hard to use. Also, unless you don't plan on washing laundry EVER, you won't need 43 pairs of socks, 22 burp cloths, or 72 onesies. A few of each will do. You will want a Boppy if you're going to breastfeed. Oh, and about that registry? Unless the gifter was married or had a baby themselves in the last few years (and remembers what a pain it was to return everything), they are not going to look at a registry. They will buy clothes. Have fun!