Sunday, May 3, 2009

24 week update. Looky there!

One weekend of putting our noses to the grindstone and the nursery is so close to being done! I took the weekend to start/finish the curtains I had dreamed up.... and it was SO worth not buying something I was just "satisified" with. I love the way the turned out and they were SUPER easy. Everything is coming along !This is the bumper I made with the extra quilt kit. Super happy with it too. A few minor adjustments one night this week and it will be completely functional (tied on to size, ready to protect babies head., a slight SIDS hazzard.... you know, everything they scare you about).
Close up of the curtains. Saw the ribbon ties in a magazine and HAD to copy it. Also, really easy and a nice detail that adds some feminine touch to my neutral color choices. I am a girl, decorating a room... regardless of the child's gender - Mother's touch has to be in there some where :)

And the whole piece-de-resistance. Yes, there is stuff packed into the crib... to keep out of reach of little Allie and her new chewing habit. Yup, she chewed a black ink pen in the middle of the floor this week. In this room. I was gonna buy a little rug anyway, now it may be a necessity if the rubbing alcohol trick doesn't work tomorrow. Sigh. Grunt.

And now we are 24 weeks! Well, these belly pics were taken during week 23, but you get the idea. I'm getting bigger, as most pregnant women do. I've had 2 docs tell me that this baby could very well be a big one. Great. And the masses comment on how low Peanut is sitting. Trust me, I'm aware. Everything is getting so fun (besides the whole registering thing - which is a different blog entry for a different day), watching Peanut move in there, feeling the little kicks and punches. 16 weeks to go til we meet the little one! (And yes, these are small, because I'm looking kinda gross from house cleaning in the afternoon. Yeah for that. Thought I would spare you the scariness that these could be. Click at your own risk).

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness - i love the nursery. the curtains are adorable! you are so smart to get it done early. we waited...and now, i am working on it. i think it will be finished next week and i am so excited. decorating the nursery is sososo much fun!