Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aspirations = Perspiration

We are right in the midst of the laundry room redo. It has been a bear of a project to say the least. Lot's of sweat, some blood, and a need to purchase stock at the Home Improvement store. But with each day, the progress makes more sense and I get more and more excited about my designated laundry room. (That's right, I'm officially and old fart for getting excited about a laundry space).

To be fair, originally we (and when I say we I mean everyone) walked in the back door - through my laundry room to enter the house. When we'd have gatherings I'd try to spruce it up my covering the washer/dryer and making a drink bar.... but alas it was still a cramped laundry room space despite my efforts.

Why not use the front door, you say? Ummm - because apparently that request just seems plain odd to my patrons... even If I do put a sign up for Mother's Day saying "Honored guests enter here" so that they see all of the decorations and beautiful table setting when they arrive. Whatev, people use the back door and that's just something I'll deal with.... by rearranging the whole dang floor plan! Take that! (Actually I really wanted to do this anyway, but i'll use whatever excuse makes me feel better for the mess in my house right now)

Some inspiration below. I will load pics tonight of the progress (most of which is thanks to hub's determination and know-how).

Via Home Shelving Guide.

LURVE the open shevling with canvas for organized and accessible. Ours will probably have a combination like that below, unless I can talk hubs into something more like the previous....

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