Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Milestone: My First Blog Quilt-Along

I joined a Quilt-Along over at Old Red Barn Co. Why might you ask? Um, because she is totally giving away a sewing machine! And I totally want a new one! And I am just that dedicated to join a quilt-along just so I can win a free one - because I'm trying to be frugal (read: a cheapskate). Honest-to-blog though, this will be a great experience with a group to answer questions and be supportive during this learning process. I am PUMPED!

I've been blog-stalking some amazing quilters since I started the projects for the nursery. And these aren't your grandma's quilts - these are hip and retro and chic and modern. Really, the end product is anything the desinger wants it to be. It is truly a craft that I have been tinkering around but not dedicated to. Maybe this will get my gears going and I'll learn some along the way. (Not to mention I haven't "quilted" any of the blankets I've made so far so this will challenge me to learn at least that.)

Wish me luck. I am off to find fabric. Hopefully this will be a blanket for the baby's stuff at my mom's house. With any luck - it will go well and the maw-in-law will get one too! (I had to join Flickr to enter so you can check out the progress over there!)

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Anonymous said...

big bags of luck to you!