Sunday, May 24, 2009

Projects Galore!

The laundry room project is a work-in-progress. Lots of decisions to be made in the world of flooring and such before we move along. For now, I am taking the laundry to the 'rents or in-law's houses weekly. Yeah for that. It's kinda to that point where we technically could reinstall the washer/dryer - but would it make us less motivated to complete the room if it becomes functional again? If the rain would go away this project would be MUCH closer to complete.

( In this pic: the entry door used to be all the way in the corner and the washer and dryer sat where the vacuum cleaner is. A narrow little walkway into my home).

(In this pic: AC and water heater have found their new homes. Yes , it is less square foot than the original, but now it is a dedicated Laundry/ Utility room). (In this pic: The new entrance to my home!!! I am SO EXCITED. I can even close the pocket door on the construction mess. It is AMAZING! )
And even though I am the official tool-go-getter/locator (see my official perch above: read 5 gallon bucket), I have gotten the urge to finish a project of my own. Behold the collegiate shirt quilt that took my over a year to get finished. Why? Because I worked on it and then put it away because I couldn't decide how to do the back. I got-'er-done this weekend and I LOVE it. (I didn't "quilt" it other than some light tacking because the shirts stretch so much. You can put stabilizer on them, but I REALLY like the feel of a worn-in shirt, so I left it. )

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