Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pregnancy and Weddings

If anyone ever asks you to be a bridesmaid and you find out your pregnant - pay the money to have the dress altered into a maternity fashion. Seriously.

Case-in-point. I head to west GA this past weekend for a friend's wedding. Over the last 2 weeks an alterations lady took my oversized dress and altered the bust to make it look appropriate. However, with the unpredictable nature of a growing belly - we decided not to alter the waistline (which had a big sash around it) and just pull it up over my girth and tuck in the excess for the few hours I would have it on.

Sounded like it would save time and money. Right up my alley. Perfect. Right? ummmm... that would be a big. fat. negative.

I shimmied into the dress with 10 minutes to go til pictures. Another bridesmaid helped me tuck and smooth a dress that was bound to look ridiculous on me (but I would do anything for the bride, so whatev - it's her wedding). 5 minutes til we walk out the bridal parlor and the entire zipper busts. Top to-freakin-bottom.

After a minor - OMG I can't believe I just busted this dress and how am I ever going to be a bridesmaid like this? - the Mother-of-the-bride and Wedding-Coordinator laid me on the couch and SEWED ME INTO THE DRESS. With the biggest, fattest, frankenstein-esque stitches you have ever seen. But that was all we could do to get the dress to hold together.

I was mortified. Then found it quite funny. Made it to the pics 20 minutes late - and held my arm by my side while I watched a friend become a wife. A beautiful, happy occasion. And $200 dress in the trash.

Maybe I should join this flickr pool. There's a website too.


hulsey said...

totally wishing for pics - great story

Kim G said...

definitely want to see the pics (sewing side out)