Sunday, June 7, 2009

From my front porch...

YEAH! We finally got the porch done.

Ehhh HEEMMMM.... not without a little end-of-the week drama. What could it be now!? Oh, well remember how Hubs had that motorcycle wreck that put us out of home renovation-commission for late summer/early fall? Before that - we thought we were being all money savvy and buying vinyl siding as-we-go. Ya know, Do-It-Youreslf project. During our down-time, wouldn't you know that vinyl siding company WENT OUT OF BUSINESS! And no where sells vinyl with the same texture as what we originally bought!

Just our luck. So what did hubs do this weekend? Took down all the vinyl we slaved to put up..... so the new vinyl can be installed. This time we got real smart and bought everything at once. I DARE this company to back out on us. There will be pregnancy hormones to answer to. PROMISE. So, the rest of the porch looks like this - but will be beautiful by the end of the week.

It's coming along. I am so thankful my husband has the patience of Job. I don't know how he got it to rub off on me - but he did. (Shout out: I LOVE you P.C.!)

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