Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So far I've made it through week 3 over at Old Red Barn Co. It's been interesting watching my fabric choices pan out. Hold your breath GA fans. This quilt is for the hubs (I figure if I screw up the GA Tech one during my "learning curve" it will only make my UGA themed quilt better :) Seriously - I hope this turns out because I am busting my behind to keep up with the weeks with all the hullaballoo going on around this house. 11 weeks to go til Baby arrives!!

Behold weeks 1-3.

Pick out your fabric.

Cut it all up.

Sew it all back together in random order and cut again.

All ready to lay out and assemble. Go look at everyone's progress on Flickr. It's so inspiring! Now just gotta find binding and backing. (Man, I want that sewing machine!)

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