Sunday, June 14, 2009

I don't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies...

This weekend Hubs and I took some time out from the home renovation to take a baby birthing class. It was super informational and if nothing else got us talking seriously about major decisions (epidurals, coaching, etc). A lot to take in a digest and prepare my body for. It also made us realize how everyone will have a different experience and to take all advice with a respectful grain of salt. In 10 more weeks, we should know what our personal birth experience will be like. For now... I grow on....

And it was SUPER special, because I got to sit through my official birthing class with one functioning nostril. Yeah, the class where we're all supposed to breathe together and practice helpful positions for early labor. With one nostril.


Because I of all people developed a "granuloma of pregnancy" in my left nostril. No big deal at first, just a tissue growth in my left nostril. Then it continually got bigger... til I called the Ear-nose-throat doc (since hubs was worried). Two days later I sneezed the sucker out. Or so I thought as I sat on the bathroom floor bleeding like a stuck pig with tampon in nose.

The dang thing grew back!!! Yeah. Sucks for me. And this time it was back with a vengeance. thank you pregnant body. So bad to the point where I couldn't ignore it because it had blocked my airway.

So I went back to ENT - who promptly removed it in an "as-pleasant-as-removing-huge-mass-from your-fat-pregnant-nose" fashion he could muster. But, for those of you who aren't aware - pregnancy causes higher blood volumes so we couldn't get it to stop bleeding (again). And ENT doc packed he nostril and scheduled me for a packing removal on Monday morning.

Hence , sitting through my first child's birthing class trying not to birth this gauze from my nose. And getting weird looks from all the pregnant chicks with cute, symmetrical nostril. And Hubs laughing with me as I struggle through the breathing stuff - because let's face it - sometimes life is just funny. And we have to laugh to keep from freaking the heck out.

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theclaxtonfamily said...

Look on the bright least you had real gauze in your nose and was not there with the tampon up your nose! :-)