Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday (and other news)

Being a mommy is amazing. Hubs and I are having so much fun learning about Erin and caring for her together. We are settling into a routine and life is good! This is my "little little" after her bath this morning.
She is still so tiny! We could just eat her up! Allie is only interested in her when she's moving or when she's taking up Allie's attention. We are doing our best to keep da pup included in this new lifestyle. I thought life would slow down after a child, but really we just keep on truckin'. We've been shopping and to visit friends and to eat lunch with Daddy since coming home from the hospital. Our pace may be a little slower (but not much)... for the most part it's our perspective that has been drastically changed.

On to Cloth Diaper Thursday:

Lesson #2: Form, Function, and Failure

I am officially a cloth diaper failure to date. Notice I said "to date." I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP. First we waited for the meconium to pass. Then we decided we'd cloth diaper at home and not on-the-go. And all I have to report on is 2 cloth diapers. It really wasn't a big deal.

What was a big deal is the big-booty-baby. The diapers are so bulky on her right now that they barely snap over her clothes if at all. And she's so tiny that going up a size in outfits looks ridiculous. RI-DI-CU-LOUS. Also - SHE HATES HAVING HER DIAPER CHANGED! Gets fightin' mad I tell you. It's the cutest thing ever.... but you'd think I'd cut the child's arm off. Honestly.

BUT - I am not giving up. We ARE going to give this a real go. I have given myself a deadline. Tomorrow morning - I become dedicated. There are no outings planned for tomorrow so I can spend the time getting my feet under me.

I am NOT DEFEATED. Just delayed.....

A better update next week. Because I am going to CD for realz!


Dana said...

The boys would get fitting mad when we changed their diapers too. Now they rather be naked. Go figure.

You precious sweetums will get there too.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Erin is gorgeous with a capital G. I'm glad to see that you are adjusting well. Secondly, hang in there. I don't know what it's like to CD a newborn since we didn't start until around the 2 month mark, but it just gets easier and easier every day. And third, we were going to CD at home and only use disposables when we were out, but Emily got used to the CDs and how breathable they are and before long the disposables would make her break out in a terrible rash. So now we never use them anymore. I hope that doesn't happen to little Erin. Good luck!

christy said...

she is precious!